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Position roles experience: 

Director of Learning  

QA Lead Assessor

Professor Emeritus

Transnational Dean

MoE national e-Learning consultant

Honorary Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Co-Chair, Council of International Schools

Early Childhood Program Director

Associate Dean

Educational Psychologist

Accreditation Manager


Team Program Chair

MoE eLearning Consultant

Final Degree Grade Moderation Manager

Acting President

Executive Principal

Education Consultant, UAE

Senior Curriculum Director

Digital Design Instructor

Fablab Manager

Organisational Development Specialist

Director of Interactive Multimedia

IT Development Consultant

Our story: 


The Association of International Education Consultants (AIEC) was registered as a private limited company in Singapore over a decade ago, with 34 trusted colleagues we expanded across Europe and North America. 

​Now based in the UK, and with our services refined to the Quality Assurance Advisory we extend our reach internationally by guiding institutions to align their processes to the quality requirements of established accrediting bodies.


Laurence Brown

Ed.D, MA, PGCE(FE), Cert Ed., EFQM, FRSA, ICF,

A senior education administrator, Laurence has worked in the UK, Japan, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi, Singapore, India, Malaysia, China and Australia, in roles such as: Director of Learning,  QA Lead Assessor, Team Program Chair, Transnational Dean, Final Degree Grade Moderation Manager, Acting President, MoE E-Learning Consultant.  

Dr Laurence has been called to offer papers at international conferences, from the GCC, to Texas, to Mauritius and the QAA conference in Scotland: A Transnational Quality Assurance Journey.

Committee memberships: University Senate; Chair of Examinations Committee; Standards of Teaching & Learning Committee; Academic Review Committee; University QA Committee; E-Learning Committee; Quality Control Committee; Strategic Planning Committee & Deans' Council.

Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for Distinguished Performance,Teacher of the Year 2000, also presented with the

gold-edged Bisht, by H.H. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE.

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Professor Edward Henry Twizell

E.H. Twizell has Professor Emeritus status at Brunel University London, U.K., where he was Professor of Mathematics until his retirement in September 2005.​

As Associate Dean for International Relations in the Faculty of Technology and Information Systems at Brunel, Professor Twizell had the responsibility of promoting the Faculty and marketing its degree programmes outside the European Union.  In this position he made frequent visits to Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan where he spent his sabbatical in 2003.​ 

Professor Twizell served as Honorary Vice-President for Academic Affairs for five years (2008-2013) at Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain, with responsibility for the quality of Ahlia’s degree programmes.  He also played a leading part in the writing of Ahlia’s Strategic Plan.​

Professor Twizell’s research interests lie in the numerical solution of differential equations, with applications in real-world systems (mostly in the bio-medical sciences).  He has published 170 research papers, supervised 28 research students, and has written two books and edited three others. 

After retirement, he served for three years as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Computer Mathematics, which is published by Taylor & Francis for whom he also edited two books on higher education in the twenty-first century.

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Torin Lucas

An educator and technology management consultant, Torin has worked internationally teaching and consulting with the overall aim of empowering people through the practical and humanising use of technology.


Torin has worked in both large and small scale public and private sector organisations in higher education and the civil service delivering workshops, coaching sessions and speaking engagements.


Ayaz Iqbal

Ayaz Iqbal has 25 years of experience in schools in countries including the UK, Venezuela, USA, UAE, Brunei, Kuwait, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia where he has significantly raised standards in the three schools where he held Principal positions.


Ayaz's consultancy contracts have included; training Head teachers, raising educational achievements and standards, particularly in Mathematics and Science and helping start up schools develop their systems. His passion in educating generation after generation continues to occupy his mind on a daily basis.

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Ali Yusaf

Ali Yusaf has been involved in international education for over two decades, working in the UK, UAE, Norway and Switzerland. During that time he has held a number of management and leadership positions, both academic and pastoral.

An expert in International School Accreditation, he is a co-chair with the Council of International Schools and a Evaluation Team member with Middle States Association, and has been closely involved in guiding schools through the accreditation process.


Ali's expertise is in School Governance and Leadership, International Mindedness and Global Citizenship and Teacher Appraisal and Professional Development.

He holds an MA in Applied Educational Leadership and Management from University College London.

Anastasia bio pic.jpg

Anastasia Kamanos

Dr. Anastasia Kamanos obtained her Ph.D. (with Distinction) in Educational Studies from McGill University and was awarded a postdoctoral research fellowship from GREAPE (research in ethnicity and pluralism in education) at the University of Montreal’s Center for Ethnic Studies.

Her research and development activities have focused on women in higher education, teacher training, critical pedagogy and literacies, and qualitative methodologies, including narrative, visual, feminist, arts-based and autobiographical inquiry. She was also a member of the Image and Identity Research Collective (www.iirc.mcgill.ca).

The collaborators of IIRC share an interest in developing interdisciplinary, image-based research methodologies and artistic forms of representation for the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Dr. Kamanos has been a speaker at international conferences and has a number of publications. She has taught at universities in Canada, United States and the Middle East  and has been involved in establishing the first private university for women in Saudi Arabia. As well, she is the Educational Consultant for Hissah Enrichment Centre in the UAE. The pending publication date of her  book, “Home & Away: a female artist in academia”, is Spring, 2020. 

Richard Pheasant

Richard is an accomplished Management and Leadership Trainer, with a very good understanding of the learning and development process, and a passion in helping managers focus on what business management is about. For six and a half years he combined a head of department role leading a team giving computer training in a university in Abu Dhabi, with delivering a leadership skills course to undergraduate students. During that time he delivered twelve very successful leadership programmes.

Eight years ago, he joined Spearhead Training in Dubai, one of the leading training providers in the Gulf, where he was mostly responsible for delivering management and leadership training courses, and as such, he has been responsible for training several thousand managers across the region. With Spearhead, he delivered many ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) courses, with a 95% pass rate for all delegates.

A year ago Richard returned to  the UK, and set up Core Training Solutions, a training company based in Portsmouth, where he continues to focus on offering management and leadership training courses, along with a number of other personal competencies training courses, and a ‘Train the Technical Trainer’ course.

Richard’s focus is to help managers improve their leadership and management skills so that they can be more effective in getting results through those they lead. Additionally, working with employees to help them improve their own professional competencies through programmes that are interactive, practical, engaging, and stimulating. In the near future, he will be releasing a website, effectivemanager.net, through which he will publish a number of articles and a blog aimed at helping managers to become more effective at what they do.

Melisa Valle

Dr Melisa Valle’s work has focused on research, mental health, early childhood development, and curriculum and instruction for disadvantage or at-risk children, as well as people with disability. Melisa served as the statewide Director of Perinatal Care in the US nonprofit sector. She facilitated efforts for sustainable resources and programming focused on perinatal care, early childhood development, and health disparities.

Previously, Melisa was a program manager facilitating an international countrywide early childhood development program. She has worked with organizations including UNICEF, Texas A&M University, Education City, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Middle Eastern ministries of education.

Melisa's volunteer work includes humanitarian aid and serving on the executive committees of the American Psychology Association, National Association of Latino(a) Psychology, and Young Global Leaders Summit of U.S. and Middle East Relations.

Melisa was awarded the American Psychology Association Achievement Award and Award of Excellence of International Research.  In addition, she was awarded a U.S. Department of Education training grant.  Melisa has published in the Journal of Educational Research and Encyclopedia of School Psychology.  Melisa holds a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. Ed. in Psychology, and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M University.  


Juhani Kyyrö

Juhanni has extensive international exposure from the Arab world, Europe and North America, with over 22 years quality assurance experience in global education and corporate contexts. 

The eLearning consultant at Japatiko oy, Juhanni has been an executive director, senior partner and MoE national consultant. His specialities include, business transformation strategies and implementation, change management, competency model development, evaluation and procurement of corporate and national level ICT systems, Technology Enhanced Learning, learning management, eLibraries, learning portal creation and content management.