What our previous clients have to say

"Made comprehensive recommendations for implementation of E-learning facilities and teacher training across the 203 public schools in Bahrain under King Hamad's Schools of the Future Project."

H.S.: 11/2015


"Dynamic and engaging educator and facilitator - strong interpersonal skills and

technical toolkit to address the changing educational landscape. 

A pleasure to work with - goal orientated and a great team player."

M.D.: 02/2016


"Consistently produced top quality work with attention to detail, delivered material that is relevant for the intended stakeholder group, and provided presentations, workshops, mentorship, and tailored-coaching that are clearly aligned with program and course objectives."

B.T.: 04/2016


"Provided invaluable cultural, educational and logistical support on my first two visits. He showed rare flexibility in navigating with equal ease among students, visiting faculty and company officers. We benefited from his deep knowledge of educational theory and practice as well as diverse world cultures. He showed himself to be a director, an ambassador and a great deal of fun to work with.

I would do it again if I had the chance."

J.G.: 02/2016

"I worked with Laurence in spreading awareness of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's) in the company. Laurence has been a pioneer advocate of MOOC's with the advent of the likes of Udacity, Coursera & Edx platforms. He was very dedicated to making the case for adopting a MOOC-model for learning and development in the organization. He was very keen recommending relevant MOOC courses to his department staff, and successfully changing organizational manuals pertaining to training and development guidelines.

He was pushing for the endorsement of MOOC's as valid training resources to company employees.

Last year, we've been successful in formally recognizing the first company employee who achieved a verified specialization certificate in Data Analytics from John Hopkins University on Coursera platform.

Laurence has been a wealth of knowledge and a great resource to the company."

T.A.S.: 04/2018

"Dr. Laurence was able to execute the course, while coordinating both company and academic requirements.

The program saw the light of day to his academic vision and vigilant execution, leading to many employees completing the course successfully and becoming subject matter experts in their

departments in the field of PR & Communications.

As a student in the program, I found Dr. Laurence's approach supportive and refreshing.

He mentored us during the course, encouraged us to meet deadlines and was extremely invested in our success. He continually requested feedback on our academic experiences in each module, which was a mark of his dedication towards continual excellence - a mark of a true academic visionary."

D.N.: 03/2016

"Positive, active, passionate and motivated Laurence is simply a force to be reckoned with.

With a unique ability to bring out the best of any situation or person for that matter, a charming personality that is dedicated to producing the best, makes working with Laurence a pleasant experience.

He was given the responsibility of setting up and introducing an E-learning system that would later be successfully integrated into the teaching and learning environment within the university. 

The E-learning system he helped setup is an integral part of the student experience today, making it easier to get in touch with the instructors, get class information and requirements while at the same time keep track of class progression and assignment handovers through the online E-learning portal. 

Simply put, having known Laurence for the better part of 10 years, I can confidently state that he would be a positive addition to any team due to his friendly open nature and constructive demeanor."

O.A.H.: 02/2016

"Laurence had a strong focus on looking at new ways and methodologies of teaching and instruction

and, at the same time, was very people-orientated.

He always came across as a manager who came alongside and supported those he was

leading and assisting them in improving at what they were doing."

R.P.: 02/2016


"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Laurence over the past three years.

He went out of his way to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible and we felt very welcome.

I have had several opportunities to watch his interactions with several cohorts of new employees. He clearly cares deeply about the people that he works with and for whom he is responsible.

He functions as boss, mentor, and sage advisor while simultaneously outlining clear

expectations and requiring a high level of work.

It was a pleasure to work with him."

C.C.: 02/2016

"I worked with Dr. Laurence Brown and recommend him highly as a person whose leadership, commitment, integrity and professionalism had a hugely positive and lasting impact on students, faculty and admin.

As the Dean, Dr. Brown’s academic and administrative experience and unique skill set were instrumental in the development and revision of programs. As well, he did a remarkable job of working with faculty to redefine the objectives and long-term professional goals of each faculty member and constantly rose to the occasion when faced with challenges and responsibilities far beyond those of his position.

Dr. Brown’s vast and successful international experience is a testament to his cross-cultural understanding, professionalism and leadership in diverse cultural environments."

A.K.: 02/2016