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Welcome to the

Quality Assurance  Advisory 

We've been offering hands-on guidance and leadership to lift quality standards across Asia and the Middle East for the past ​twenty years.

We take institutions to the highest assessment levels by preparing the documentation and leading QA projects, forming framework teams and overseeing the necessary change-management to ensure successful process improvements.

Does your institution need help?

It is never too late to contact us because we concentrate on the highest priority framework elements,  we ensure that your institution's processes are reviewed and improvements are under action.

We also prepare you for the self-assessment reporting, and the actual assessment by ensuring you have full documentation linked for the triangulation of evidence.

Torin's TEDx talk:

The Fab Lab platform:

Torin Lucas is an interactive multimedia developer, designer, and educator with a passion for culture, history and the experience of being a digital human. With his start working in the 360 virtual tour sector during the dot com era, Torin went on to work in the Canadian video game industry...

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Our Mission:

To guide institutions to develop

their competitive edge

by expanding  their

portfolio of services in line with international accreditation and

quality assurance demands.